Are There Even Plans for PSX 2018 At This Point?

It’s become part of the gaming fixture list since it debuted in Las Vegas almost four years ago, but it’s perhaps worth pointing out that PlayStation Experience 2018 has not been announced yet. Last year, the platform holder confirmed the event as early as June, but it hasn’t said a word about whether it will be hosting the show this year at all.

In the platform holder’s defence, PSX 2016 was not announced until late September, so there’s still time for it to come out and confirm dates. Last year’s show disappointed many watching from home, as the manufacturer replaced its usual media briefing with a developer roundtable, although the showfloor itself was as stacked as ever, with dozens of titles for attendees to try.

Speaking about potential press conferences at E3 2018, affable executive Shuhei Yoshida said that the organisation hadn’t decided anything about future events yet, and that it wasn’t ready to talk about “other opportunities” just yet. But as PlayStation Experience’s traditional December window nears, we have to consider the possibility that it may not happen this year at all.

We’ve contacted Sony to try and get some clarification on the matter, and we like to think this will be cleared up either way before the month is out. Personally we’ve always been huge fans of PSX so we’ve got our fingers crossed that it makes a return, but unless an announcement is imminent, it looks like the convention could be taking a year out.

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