Poll: What Are Your Summer Gaming Habits?

Summertime can a weird period for gaming. Traditionally, big publishers don’t bother launching their blockbusters during the summer months, although this trend has started fizzling out over the last few years or so. Still, looking at a list of  2018 release dates shows an absolutely packed latter half of the year, leaving June, July, and to some extent August barren by comparison. Some of you may be eyeing that backlog or perhaps the PlayStation Store’s summer sales.

In any case, your options are quite open over the summer, so we want to know how the season impacts your gaming habits. Do you end up playing more games because you’re taking a break from education? Maybe you book time off work to relax at home with your console of choice? Or perhaps you ignore games altogether and make the most of the hot weather?

Whatever you do, be sure to let us know in our polls, and then lay out your plans in the comments section below.

Do you spend more or less time gaming in the summer? (41 votes)

More, since I have time off school/college/university


More, I tend to take some time off work during the summer


More, I’m just generally less busy during the summer


The summer makes no real difference to my time spent gaming


Less, I tend to do other things during the summer


Less, I’d rather make the most of the summer weather


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Do you work on your gaming backlog during the summer? (42 votes)

Yes, I try to finish off as many games as I can before the end-of-year rush


Not really, I just play whatever takes my fancy


Nope, I don’t even have a backlog


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Should more big games release during the summer? (42 votes)

Yes, the summer’s always too quiet


Maybe, it depends how busy the rest of the year is


No, the summer should stay quiet


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