This week’s PlayStation Store highlights: Defiance 2050, Shining Resonance Refrain, The Spectrum Retreat

This week, PlayStation Store welcomes dazzling sci-fi MMO shooter Defiance 2050, a JRPG with a distinct musical flavour in Shining Resonance Refrain, and the mysterious puzzler The Spectrum Retreat. Read on to find out more, plus check out the full list of new releases.

1. Defiance 2050

Join the fight in a new free-to-play online shooter set in the Defiance universe. Enter a dynamic open world to explore and fight across multiple story-driven missions on an epic scale. Engage in massive cooperative battles with your friends and utilise hundreds of distinct weapons and skills to take on huge alien threats in this futuristic environment.


Available: 10th July

2. Shining Resonance Refrain

Stop an evil empire from exploiting the power of ancient dragon in music-infused action RPG Shining Resonance Refrain. In addition to the enhanced visuals, this remaster of the Japan-only PS3 original includes all its DLC plus a brand-new “Refrain” mode with new content. Play as Yuma Ilvern and stop the Empire from exploiting the power of the ancient dragons.


More info: 7 things you need to know about JRPG Shining Resonance Refrain, coming to PS4 this summer

Available: 10 July

  • Pre-order Shining Resonance Refrain on PlayStation Store
  • 3. The Spectrum Retreat

    Solve the mysteries of The Penrose Hotel in The Spectrum Retreat, a narrative-driven first person puzzle game. You wake alone in the unsettling Penrose Hotel with no memory of your past or identity. Only mannequin-like staff are present and their reasoning for wanting to keep you inside the hotel is unclear. Manipulate your way to the truth!

    More info: The Spectrum Retreat brings narrative-driven puzzles to PS4 this Summer

    Available: 11th July

  • Pre-order The Spectrum Retreat on PlayStation Store
  • Now available to pre-order: Shenmue I & II

    Catch up with Ryo Hazuki’s journey before Shenmue III in the definitive version of the fan favourite adventure’s first two chapters. (With 10% off for PlayStation Plus members.)


  • Pre-order Shenmue I & II on PlayStation Store
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