Guide: New PS4 Games Releasing in June 2018

@Neolit I just beat her (on normal difficulty). It was super hard, twice I nearly beat her, she only has maybe 3% or 5% of her health, but I still died. But finally, finally, I won.

My build is, for runic attack I use hel’s touch and frost giant’s friendzy, for <secondary weapon> I use CoC and most importantly GoA for gaining health when it’s critical. For atreus runic attack I use wrath of wolf because it stun the v.

When the battle start I use talisman that slow time, atreus wolf attack, and boulder throw rage attack. After that, I attack her when I have the chance, when her health nearly gone, I use rage attack again to finish her.

And now I can finally find peace platinum the game, I don’t play the ps4 much this weeks because I dread that fight lol

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