Brooklyn Nine-Nine Has Been Saved By Another Network

Fox broke and shocked a lot of hearts when it announced it was cancelling the beloved comedy Brooklyn Nine-Nine. Thanks to another network swooping in to save the day, the single-camera sitcom will survive for another broadcast season. Just when it seemed fans would have to wait for the show to be rebooted years down the line, NBC stepped in to revive the veteran series. There is something you need to know about it, though.

While NBC renewed Brooklyn Nine-Nine for its sixth season, they did so at a reduced episode order. Instead of the show running for its usual twenty-plus episode count, the sixth season will run for thirteen. Fans shouldn’t be alarmed though. Reduced episode rates are a standard operating procedure for shows that move forward in the face of similar circumstances. It is a compromise many Brooklyn Nine-Nine fans will probably rejoice at making.

THR‘s confirmation of the series’ reprieve comes after Brooklyn Nine-Nine‘s fans, cast, and crew had to endure a brutal back-and-forth, as word spread that another network may be willing to save the series. Those hopes faded as it seemed network after network turned down the opportunity; Hulu and Netflix were reportedly among them. Of all the networks, Brooklyn Nine-Nine‘s new home at NBC makes for the best fit.

Brooklyn Nine-Nine‘s cancellation was among the first to really rock the 2018-2019 broadcast season. Network upfronts begin next week, and Fox wasted no time bringing the heat. The comedy was among the three comedies canceled by the network. The others were the Will Forte starrer The Last Man on Earth and The Mick. It remains to be seen if those series will get the same second shot at life. For its part, Brooklyn Nine-Nine will go down as another series saved by the power of social media.

The ability to organize a collective voice cheering for the return of a series is more powerful than ever before. While paper mail definitely had its impact back in the day, social media is where it is at now. Fans’ ability to sway a network by empowering a hashtag overnight is making a difference when it comes to how network’s handle TV show cancellations. Unlike years past, canceled shows have the opportunity for its fans get underneath its wings, so they can soar again, and soar they have.

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