Sony Won’t Be Holding a Traditional Press Conference at E3 2018

@Gamer83 I liked your long explanation in post 75, looking at the bigger picture, it’s not just about what Sony does at E3 2018.

I do think you hit it on the head though w/ this earlier comment:

“a PS5 announcement early in 2019 and all the big first party games after these four going there”

I’ve even gone as far as to say at least 1 of these 4, probably Death Stranding but maybe either/or Ghosts, winds up a dual release on PS5 like Zelda. All 4 will wind up on PS54 eventually, even if there is BC then PS5 will get GotY or Complete Editions that PS4 doesn’t, all in NATIVE 4K. Get used to seeing “NATIVE 4K” alot starting next year.

I do think you put too much faith in Nintendo though as they roll out paid online in September, and they’ve been going strong on mobile. ARMS and Splatoon 2 are almost nothing but weekly updates. Free for now, but we’ll see how Spaltoon 3 and ARMS 2 handle DLC. Oh yeah, Spaltoon 2 is getting a $20 single player mode, so that’s already headed into FFXV territory. So even they seem to be on the “games as service” bus. A bus I’ll throw myself under before I get on. God of War may be the last ever AAA game to launch w/o a season pass alongside it. (I’m still expecting a $20 DLC story, just don’t know what as I haven’t’ finished it yet.)

So if you want to worry about the future of gaming, I’m right there with you, and MS future always looks bleak to me, even when it’s going well, and Nintendo is catching up and catching on to all the wrong things, but I wouldn’t worry about Sony too much. Not yet anyway. We’ll see what they rollout next year for PS5. Games as service is going to ruin it for me before Sony does though, that’s a sad fact.

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