Sony Insists It’s Not Profiting from Overwatch Charity Skin

Sony’s said that it’s not profiting from sales of an Overwatch charity skin. Earlier this week, the web managed to infuriate itself when a product description for a new Mercy skin designed to raise money for the Breast Cancer Research Foundation noted that £10.12 of the £12.99 sale price would be donated to the charity. Many assumed that the platform holder was taking a cut.

However, as we pointed out in our article on the matter, the company generally takes a 30 per cent royalty from all PlayStation Store transactions, and the difference in question here is closer to 20 per cent, which is the current rate of VAT in the UK. The Japanese giant hasn’t confirmed either way, but an SIEE representative has stressed that it’s “not making any profit” from sales of the skin.

It’s perhaps not the total transparency that many hoped for, but it should ease fears that the firm is stealing funds from deserving charities.

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