Poll: Are You Sold on Days Gone Yet?

This week’s Friday poll basically writes itself, doesn’t it? Days Gone has entered our lives in a big way this week, as extensive Game Informer coverage has spotlighted Sony Bend’s upcoming open world adventure. The question is: do you like what you see?

Now, it’s not as if Days Gone has been kept under wraps all this time. It’s been present at the last two Sony E3 press conferences, and both showcased decent amounts of gameplay. The title’s currently scheduled for release in early 2019, but are you sold on this post-apocalyptic PlayStation 4 exclusive?

As always, let us know your thoughts by voting in our polls, and then feed us the details in the comments section below.

Are you sold on Days Gone yet? (165 votes)

Yes, I’ll definitely be buying it


Yeah, for the most part


Maybe, too early to say for sure


Not yet, I need to see more


Nah, I’m certainly not convinced


No, I’m not interested at all


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How do you think Days Gone will measure up to the PS4’s most successful exclusive games? (160 votes)

I think it’ll be up there with the best PS4 exclusives


It’ll be great but it won’t quite be on the same level as God of War, Uncharted 4, etc.


I think it’ll just be good, nothing amazing


I reckon it’ll be average at best


It won’t even come close


I think it’ll actually be rubbish


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