Brooklyn Nine-Nine May Get Saved From Cancellation, Here’s The Latest

On the streaming side, both Hulu and Netflix have apparently reached out as well. Similar to TBS, Hulu would make a lot of sense, as it holds the SVOD rights for Brooklyn Nine-Nine‘s past seasons. And the service doesn’t have any goofy comedies on the same level, so it would be a nice addition to its growing original programming lineup. Netflix, meanwhile, has worked with Universal TV on other shows, including Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt, and it’s currently gearing up to debut a new season of Arrested Development, which was one of the first major “saved from cancellation” revivals that kicked off the ongoing trend. Netflix has done the same with Star Wars: The Clone Wars, Longmire and several more, and Brooklyn Nine-Nine wouldn’t be out of place among all the other comedies Netflix has.

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