All Xbox One, Microsoft Store PC games now eligible for digital gifting

All Xbox One games and Microsoft Store PC games are now eligible for digital gifting.

Last autumn, the Microsoft Store enabled gifting for some Xbox One digital games and other Xbox-related gubbins.

Microsoft said this feature has been popular with customers, so it’s extending digital gifting to encompass all PC games and PC downloadable game content, as well as all Xbox One games.

All you have to do to gift something to someone is select Buy as Gift and enter the email address of the recipient. On Xbox One, you can choose a Gamertag from your list of Xbox Live friends. The recipient gets a code for the product as well as instructions on how to redeem it. On Xbox One, the recipient gets a system message with a clickable redemption button.


It’s worth noting that gift buyers can only buy 10 discounted products every 14 days. There are no limits for gift purchases made at full price though.

Gifting of Xbox 360 and Xbox original games, pre-orders, free products and consumable downloadable game content such as virtual currency is not allowed, and gift recipients can only redeem gift tokens in the country or region where they were purchased.

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