Steam’s new apps let you play your games and video on phones, tablets, and TVs

Valve has announced that it will be releasing two new apps later this year, making it possible to stream games and video from your Steam library to a phone, tablet or television without the need for Steam Link box.

According to Valve’s announcement post, games and video will be handled by two separate, free apps: the Steam Link app and the Steam Video app .

The Steam Link app is functionally similar to Valve’s Steam Link hardware, only in software-only form. It’s due to arrive on iOS and Android some time during the week of May 21st, and will enable you to stream and play your games from your PC to any iOS or Android device. That includes phones, tablets, Android-powered TVs and Apple TV boxes.

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Your device of choice will need to be connected to your PC via either a wired network or 5GHz wi-fi, and Valve says that you’ll be able to play your games using the Steam Controller, MFI controllers, “and more across [iOS and Android] platforms”.

Valve’s Steam Video app, meanwhile, is focussed on streaming movies, television shows, and other video content to your devices. It’ll work either via wi-fi or LTE connections, and will feature both offline and streaming modes. This one is due to arrive “later this summer”.

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