Epic has already nerfed Thanos in Fortnite

Thanos hit Fortnite yesterday via the new Infinity Gauntlet Limited Time Mashup – and just a handful of hours later Epic nerfed him.

You can play as the Mad Titan in Fortnite if you find his Infinity Gauntlet, which drops to the ground via a meteor at the start of a match.

His super powers make him pretty overpowered: you can punch to knock enemies back and destroy structures, pull off a devastating ground pound, fire a damage-over-time energy blast and super-jump to great heights. Additionally, when Thanos kills another player, his shields regenerate. Oh, and he doesn’t take fall damage either.

Playing as Thanos looks like this:

It didn’t take long for Thanos’ true overpowered nature to emerge, and so Epic pushed out a hotfix that nerfed him.

The hotfix decreased Thanos’ shield cap from 300 to 200, while raising his max health from 700 to 800. Crucially, his laser damage versus players is decreased from 15 to 12.

In a post on the Fortnite reddit, Epic said it would continue to monitor feedback, and in a tweet said the developers were trying to work out how to give more players the chance to play as Thanos in the game.

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