How Arrow’s Colin Donnell Felt About Returning As Tommy

Putting on the suit is just totally rad. I mean, the Prometheus suit was really fun, but to put on the Green Arrow suit, it’s awesome. . . . The other thing that was really cool about this particular episode was being able to play, like, Classic Tommy. The courtroom scene started off very serious, but once the cameras turn around, you get to play a little bit more. The director, Andi Armaganian, was wonderful. She basically said, “Go as far as you want with being Tommy.” I was like, “OK, sure,” and as soon as I did it, she came back after that take and said, “You have no idea how hard all of us were grinning back at the monitors,” because it was this reminder of this character that a lot of people fell in love with from the very beginning of the series. I was having a blast being back anyways, but to be able to really call back that persona of the guy who stood up against three bodyguards who were going to basically kick the shit out his best friend, that was fun. It was nice to be able to live in that skin for a bit.

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