Santa Monica Studio Outlines Forthcoming Updates for God of War on PS4

Sony has not been shy about fast-tracking a boatload of patches for God of War. In the game’s first week, a new update was available almost daily as Santa Monica Studio churned out a godly amount of bug fixes.

While things have slowed down recently, it seems we’re far from seeing the last of these updates. The developer has stated what we can expect in upcoming patches, and they sound much more substantial than what we’ve been seeing so far. First and foremost, the Photo Mode update is still on its way, while the text size in menus and subtitles is going to be enlarged globally. No more squinting at journal entries, then. There are also plans to add the option to remap Spartan Rage, which is currently activated by clicking L3 and R3.

In addition, the studio will be continuing its bug-squashing quest, including a fix for “an issue where selecting the ‘New Game’ option from the main menu without closing down the application first may result in missing dialogue and possible progression blockers.” We currently don’t know any time frames for these updates.

Are you happy with the post-launch support for God of War, or are you tired of updating your game? Pose with a seagull in the comments below.

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