Jersey Shore Family Vacation May Give Fans An Italian Wedding In Season 2

Mike “The Situation” Sorrentino is looking to settle down, and recently mentioned on Jersey Shore: Family Vacation his intention to make an honest woman out of his girlfriend, Lauren Pesce. Not long after the episode aired, the secret was out, and it looks like the two are planning for their future wedding to be a public affair of sorts. Sorrentino revealed he and Pesce are trying to do their nuptials sooner than later, and ideally, they’d like to have an Italian wedding in the motherland during Season 2 of the reality series:

MTV would surely love to fly everyone out to Italy for a big Jersey Shore Family Vacation wedding special, although they’ll have to wait a bit to see if “the situation” regarding Mike Sorrentino’s tax evasion case allows them to do so. Sorrentino’s sentencing is set to be handed down June 20, and if he’s going to be serving jail time, that’s going to squash any plans of an out-of-the-country marriage. As it stands, Sorrentino is looking at a five-year sentence maximum, although People reports he’s keeping a positive outlook that things will work out in his favor.

Jersey Shore Family Vacation fans should hope for the best, as Sorrentino’s fiance Lauren Pesce said the couple always had their heart set on a destination wedding. Of course, given the current circumstances, both are content to have a smaller ceremony provided they can experience it with the people they care about:

Pesce went on to further explain that her and Mike “The Situation” Sorrentino’s ideal ceremony would be a wedding that incorporates the “best of both worlds.” Ideally, the couple would get married in Italy with their family and the Jersey Shore Family Vacation cast in tow, and then head back to Jersey for a huge reception party with all the people who weren’t able to make it out to Italy for the ceremony. It sounds like a good time, and definitely a heartwarming end to The Situation’s legal woes, so, hopefully, the judge handing down Sorrentino’s sentence is a big believer in “G.T.L.”

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