First Red Dead Redemption Gang Gameplay Details Revealed

If you’ve been keeping up with Red Dead Redemption 2 since its reveal, then you’ll likely already know that main playable character Arthur Morgan is a part of Dutch’s notorious outlaw gang. However, according to an exclusive IGN preview, it sounds like said gang will actually play a significant role in how the game will play.

“As we saw in our demo, Rockstar is focusing heavily on how we as players can interact with the world, and this includes spending time living and working with the other members of the gang, along with the relationships we forge therin,” the preview reads. It then goes into some detail about how Arthur can tackle missions in various ways with the gang at his side. To be clear, it seems as though Arthur is the only member of the gang who’s actually playable — this doesn’t appear to be a Grand Theft Auto V scenario.

“Arthur doesn’t have to put the team first, or keep the camp fed and supplied – though he may earn an invite to a job or mission if he does. If he just wants to fend for himself and spend time hunting and exploring the wilderness alone, those choices will be recognized by the other gang members,” IGN continues.

So, it sounds as though Arthur’s interactions with the gang run quite deep, but will this stuff impact the story at all? Unfortunately, IGN doesn’t seem too sure on that front, stating that it’s currently unknown whether these player choices can change the course of the narrative. We suppose that we’ll find out in time.

What do you make of this? Think you’ll end up hanging out with Dutch and the boys? Keep your revolver holstered in the comments section below.

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