New God of War merchandise range is now live on PlayStation Gear

To celebrate this Friday’s release of God of War on PS4, we are sharing our five favourite pieces of clothing and collectibles from the new official merchandise range on PlayStation Gear.

The collection reflects the upcoming epic’s new Norse theme, and joins a range of classic Greek-mythology inspired God of War merchandise – all of which you can check out here.

1. Kratos black hoodie

We love the simple yet recognisable design of this black hoodie. Inspired by Kratos’s iconic red war paint, the hoodie is also available in grey and goes well with the 3D embroidered Snapback Cap.


2. ‘Do not be sorry’ framed collector print

You’ll find a good selection of framed prints on PS Gear, including the games main stunning artwork which shows the characters embarking on their journey.


Our favourite has to be the “Do Not Be Sorry” print though. The iconic quote was first heard in the epic E3 announcement trailer and perfectly sets the tone for the complex father-son relationship at the heart of the game’s narrative.

3. Kratos face T-shirt

Featuring a high-quality print of the imposing God of War himself, this black 100% cotton t-shirt is a welcome bold addition to the range.


For those after something slightly different, the Yggdrasil t-shirt is also now available and features the mystical tree in Norse mythology that links the universe’s nine worlds together.

4. ‘Be a warrior’ mug

Featuring bespoke artwork of a battle-ready Kratos and Atreus and packed in a presentation box, sipping your morning beverage from this mug is sure to get you pumped up for the day ahead!


5. Atreus Stubbins

God of War and cute and cuddly aren’t things that normally go together, but this official Stubbins plush toy pulls it off! Measuring 20cm tall and made from super-soft materials, this Atreus plushie is hard not to hug – although go easy at first, he’s probably not used to them.


Let us know in the comments if you agree with our top picks, and check out the full expanding range over at PlayStation Gear here.

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