The Walking Dead Finally Revealed Dwight’s Fate And It’s Not What We Expected

In the comics, Dwight was on much friendlier terms with the good guys. Of course, Daryl doesn’t exist in the comics, so they never would have had reason to meet and become enemies. He was also a former soldier, and he went on to become the leader of the reformed Saviors in the comics after Negan was toppled as leader. Dwight is still alive, around, and in the mix on the page. Being sent into exile in the finale, right after the war ended and the Saviors were reformed, was not what many comic fans probably saw coming on the show. The good news is that the manner of Dwight’s departure doesn’t 100% mean that he can’t reappear, even if Daryl wouldn’t be happy to see him. Who knows? Maybe he could show up on Fear the Walking Dead with Sherry. If Morgan can do it, maybe Dwight could do it too.

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