Guide: All PS4 Pro Enhanced Games

Just got yourself a brand spanking new PS4 Pro and don’t know which games to get for it? Well, not to fear for Push Square is to the rescue! Below, we’ve got a list of every single PS4 game that’s PS4 Pro enhanced, so you can easily scan down and pick a few that interest you.

But before you do that, let’s quickly talk about what that enhancement might mean. First, it depends on whether or not you have a 4KTV. If you do, it might be 4K compatible. If not, you might benefit from supersampling, a higher resolution, improved visuals, or various other effects. It’s worth a quick Google search to see exactly what you get.

Now for the list: read on for all PS4 Pro enhanced games. You’ll also find all PS4 HDR compatible games through the link.

All PS4 Pro Enhanced Games

What’s your favourite PS4 Pro Enhanced game to date? Do you prefer resolution or framerate upgrades? Let us know in the comments section below.

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