Fake Shazam Trailer Arrives for April Fools’ Day and It’s Amazing

Shazam! has left many DC fans scratching their heads. The movie hasn’t shied away from showing star Zachary Levi in his bulked up costume on set, and it looks like a goofy family film in the spirit of Tom Hanks’ Big. Now, just for April Fools’ Day, the director of this standalone adventure has dropped the first official ‘teaser trailer’. But don’t get too excited. It’s not what you think. The Shazam trailer actually starts off pretty cool. We see ominous thunder and lightning as we hear the familiar rock…

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ACOG Competition: Scavenger hunt….

To mark the revamp of the website, we’ve decided to give away a copy of Farcry 5* (or PSN voucher if you already have it). The prize can be won by solving clues all based around our new website. Head over to for details and the first of 5 clues. Good Luck! This Competition is open to ACOG members as per our Facebook group’s registered members and is intended to drive traffic back towards our website. * In the event you already own FARCRY5, We’ll send you a £40 PSN Voucher.

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